The media

First off, I would like to say, yes, I know I haven't posted a Blog since august, and I am sorry, I just don't always know what to write about. But this time, oh yeah, this time I have something that really lights the spark again.

the Media...

I usually tell people to not get me started on how I feel about the media, but recent events on the News, have made me think, why not share my feelings on the InterWebs, and see how many people feel the same way, think of it like a social experiment.

well basically, I believe the Media is out to keep Mental Terrorism alive and well, and what I mean by Mental Terrorism, is causing irrational behavior via every news channel having some different "Exclusive Information", meaning you never really get the whole story, until its over, then they tell you whats what. but until then, you are left wondering what is going on, and not knowing how to find out. Or who to trust for that matter, because one channel says they are the best, but they all do, so what do you do then? pick the one with the flashiest advertisements? well to me that doesn't seem right. to me, it seems like the news shouldn't be about who has the best ratings, it should be about who tells you like it is. and it seems like if they all shared the same information, and instead of jumping the gun trying to be the first to get a story, if they waited until they had 1 inkling of an idea what is going on in said situation, the world might be a slightly calmer place, or at least the USA, because if you look at news casts online from other countries? guess what! They actually are calm, and know what is going on before going on the air and broadcasting to a couple billion potential viewers.

now that my fingers are raw from typing this in a fit of conviction, I will bid you all Ado, and happy blogging!

Really Stupid Movie

Once upon a time, there was a Really Stupid Movie. And in this Really Stupid Movie, there were Really Stupid characters, and these Really Stupid characters did Really Stupid things. And though these Really Stupid things that the Really Stupid characters in this Really Stupid movie did are Really Stupid, they mean a lot to the Really Stupid characters, in this really stupid movie. So try not to judge this Really Stupid movie with the Really Stupid characters that do Really Stupid things by saying something like, "that was really stupid". Instead, why don't you watch this Really Stupid Movie with the Really Stupid characters that do Really Stupid things, and at the end, you may then (and only then), tell me what you thought of it. Enjoy!!!

Production Updates

Well Mr. Whiskers finally got home from his vacation so we where able to shoot the final scenes of our short film, which will be making its debut sometime later today, I will add it here in a new post so you can all watch it.

Also productions on the second film and some other short films will be under way shortly. I suspect sometime within the next week or so.

Until then we hope you enjoy Really Stupid Movie which will be released today.

Universal Healthcare, OH NO!!!

The big bad President is pushing to get us what we need!! Everyone panic!

Ok so some of you may know I am strongly republican. However when it comes to the people of this nation I have to differ from the ramblings of the republican party calling universal healthcare bad. OH NO! America could gain a reputation as something other than the land of war. We are a luaghing stalk. Lets be honest, our people are leaving in droves to get to canada and other countries because they know they can afford to keep their family is good health. I myself have always wanted to travel. But I am afraid that if I do, i will want to stay forever.

You know its bad if we take our nations 911 rescures to CUBA for medicine and treatment for their lung problems, that they got from the dust and dirt and human ash. The horror they indured during the search and rescue attempts. Its horrid to imagine that they should have to suffer and scrape by to make ends meet.

it seems to me like its time america dropped its bad-boy fasade and actually took care of its citizens.

The republicans will try to say that if we adopt this way of taking care of our people will turn us into a communist nation, this is false. We need to get to it and start working on this healthcare reform.

Don't listen to the ones who say the government will control your health. Or as a current rumor I've heard that they will try and council older people and try to teach them in ways to effectively end their lifes. This is one of the stupidest things ive ever heard. This, if not everything else they've said is false.

Well im rambling now, But I figure that if I can get even 1 person to change their mind, Then I have done my duty to the U.S.

Keep Cool!


Ok so I was minding my own business, sitting and enjoying the unaturely cool summer breeze in my back yard when I looked down at my leg and noticed with quite a bit of distain that I had been unknowingly pooed on by a huge flying beast.

Ok so it wasn't huge and it wasn't a beast, to be honest it was a Bee and it wasn't really poo, it was pollen the bees carry around on there legs that one had dropped and it just so happened my leg was in the way. So really it was my legs fault because, well I don't really know why.....

Anyway I just thought this was blog worthy.
ceep kool.


We just got some coffee from starbucks and its called rwanda.

I know its named after a country, But what is with the odd spelling? Honestly?

its like trying to say wanda and rowanda at the same time, But its imposible without sounding like a total nutter.

It seems like they could have thought of something better than that. Honestly its like they named it for the amuzement of their staff. like "we shall call it, Rwanda, that will get our customers to say it wrong and we can get a good luagh from it, hehe"

on another note my close friend is coming home from a summer vacation in a few days, at which time we will start production on quite a few videos for youtube. so check back here often to see when we start and what we are working on, as well as links to our videos, and possibly embeded versions right in my posts.

in the mean time, keep cool!


Sony.... Do they like to screw you? We have a 2005 sony handycam that still works great, So we wanted to get some stuff off of it to put on disc. Well this handycam, as it seems, will not connect to vista via USB, there is no driver that works with the way vista uses USB Streaming, instead you must go out, on your own dime and purchase a whole new cable that WILL work with vista, so you can use a product that should have worked regardless. I have done some looking around and from what I have heard from people that have called sony to find out why this feature is not working on vista, that sony beleives that vista does not have the capability to utilize USB Streaming for any product. This is an utter lie. It clearly states on that vista DOES have the capability to utilize such features. So in other words Sony refuses to help its customers with something that SHOULD be a simple port of the driver. Instead if you own one of these camcorders, you have to go out and buy a firewire cable to connect it to your PC, and if you don't have a firewire port, you also have to purchase a pci card to use with it. Nice sony, We appreciate your help!

online game cheats....... To some it seems a cool concept, yea ill go and get some codes for this game, so I can beat the guys who are just good, and in the mean while, I will pretend that im not doing it if someone calls me out, that sounds fun! The people who do this, Should be put to sleep, it seems as though, if they can take the time to go and find these codes, and figure out how to use them, that they could spend that time trying to get better so they don't need them. I am an FPS Gamer. I play a lot of a game called Crossfire. And on this game, until they issue a new patch, it seems like almost every person you find is a "hacker". you really have to be on your toes. Luckily most online FPS games have a vote system. But it doesn't do any good if the people on the other team don't vote to remove the accused player....

Im done ranting..... for now...